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_exhibit:5X5 Participatory Provocations

5x5 : Participatory Provocations is an exhibit of 25 architectural models by 25 young American architects.

5 contemporary issues, each addressed by 5 firms.

NSA Community Branch

(Right around the corner on Main St. USA)

The National Security Administration’s headquarters in Fort Meade is a fairly, to quite fairly, intimidating building. In an effort to “reach out” to the American people, the NSA wants to build local community branch facilities in every town in the United States. How does the NSA appeal to communities around the country while enhancing their monitoring efforts?

2046:An (In)visible Odyssey

Although the NationalSecurity Agency (NSA) first developed in 1952, it took more than 30 years todesign and dedicate a series of structures to house the nation’s premier covertintelligence organization. Coincidentally, 2016 marks the 30thanniversary of the headquarters’ completion in Fort Meade, MD. If we were tospeculate in 30 year increments, it is left to wonder, what might the 60thanniversary be like?

Imagine…the year is2046…intelligence infrastructure has latticed across the nation, creating agradient of visibility while the original headquarters building has become obsolete.NSA-sponsored educational facilities and campuses begin to surface, promotingSTEM education as a national priority. The enigmatic presence of the NSA hastransformed into a palpable emblem of progress and well-being.