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The definition of architecture should be expanded. The term “architecture” should be expanded at multiple scales and revisited through different formats and methodologies. 

From the plant cell to the points of a cloud is the architecture of the creator. Architects should look into and get inspired from it. Similarly, as different landscapes and objects cause human emotion and feeling, any form or generation of emotion could be defined as architecture. 

The architecture should emerge in different formats: it could be an analog object, a digital proposal, or a solution of social problem. Architects typically use buildings or built forms to approach these problems – often proposing ideas within some greater context. I believe architecture can generate some social phenomenon and explanations, but not simply as a specific solution in and of itself. 

The architecture should not be limited to a specific method, it is more complex and multifaceted. It could be mathematics, subject revolution, logical thinking, and ideology. Any methods that is helping one to achieve point B from point A is considered to be architecture. 

Architecture is a process; a text provoking thought; an action engaging people; a research seeking probability, or even an object serving function.