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  1. [_learn]: Jansen Structure: Strandbeest

    2016-02-06 04:01:00 UTC
    Strandbeest is came from Dutch, which strand means beach, and beest means beast.  In February 5th, Theo Jansen showed his creature “strandbeest” in Chicago Culture Center. He gave a short lecture and demonstration by using one of the largest “strandbeest” in the world which be called “ANIMARIS SUSPENDISSE”. According to…

  2. [_photography journal]: infrastructure in southern illinois

    2015-11-26 03:34:00 UTC
    at Cave in Rock, Illinois Nov.27th 2015 photo by Yang Yu infrastructure: [‘ɪnfrə’strʌktʃɚ] noun. 1. the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g., buildings, roads, and power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise. 2. The place people call home and where they go to live

  3. [_concept]: simple idea of module

    2015-10-04 20:05:00 UTC

  4. [_exhibit]: M.O.T.M Ring structure in experimental structure exhibition

    2015-08-26 02:09:00 UTC
    Moveable open tensegrity membrane ring.

  5. [_exhibit]: smart cities:-interaction design exhibit

    2015-04-17 02:30:00 UTC
    Arch_576 by Prof. Therese Tierney 2015 spring [co][lab] : 206 west main st. urbana, illinois _curators: therese tierney & anthony dombrowski & yang yu “Positioned at the intersection of design computation and physical spaces, this exhibition explores the potential of interactive objects, surfaces, and situations for aesthetic, critical, and sustainable

  6. [2014 June] Haiti Challenge Studio Trip

    2014-10-22 12:12:00 UTC
    LinkThe Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA), Howard University, School of Architecture and Design with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, School of Architecture to lead a public-interest design education and service-learning project in Petite-Rivière-de-Nippes, Haiti. With support from the Fetzer Institute, the 2014 Haiti Summer Studio is the continuation…

  7. [_critic]: Stanley Tigerman’s proposal in 1965

    2013-11-20 18:20:00 UTC
    Stanley Tigerman is Chicago’s resident radical — and this concept, from the mid-1960s, fits the bill. The concept borrowed from Le Corbusier’s Radiant City plan and Robert Moses’ (also unbuilt) Lower Manhattan Expressway, imagining a city where prism-shaped offices sheltered grand expressways, leaving wide swatches of green space open to…