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[_learn]: Jansen Structure: Strandbeest

Strandbeest is came from Dutch, which strand means beach, and beest means beast. 

In February 5th, Theo Jansen showed his creature “strandbeest” in Chicago Culture Center. He gave a short lecture and demonstration by using one of the largest “strandbeest” in the world which be called “ANIMARIS SUSPENDISSE”. According to Theo, Suspendisse has “two sensor system” to help it change direction then avoid the incoming tide, it also got sails on its back that could pump air into its “wind stomachs”, the “wind stomachs” could store energy that allowing the beest to move when the wind drops.


Theo Jansen aim to using cheap materials to build his beest. So PVC tubes, 1 liter bottle, fabric and rubber tube is the major material that used in this system.

3-d printed Jansen structure

3-d printed Jansen structure