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[_exhibit]: smart cities:-interaction design exhibit

Arch_576 by Prof. Therese Tierney 2015 spring

[co][lab] : 206 west main st. urbana, illinois

_curators: therese tierney & anthony dombrowski & yang yu

“Positioned at the intersection of design computation and physical spaces, this exhibition explores the potential of interactive objects, surfaces, and situations for aesthetic, critical, and sustainable initiatives. Featuring a range of video prototypes and installations, these projects cultivate new methodologies and vocabularies of design by demonstrating the ways in which interactive systems can respond to social and environmental realities.” _therese tierney

_environmental interface by Anthony dombrowski
_dance space by john campbell & christian pepper
_x motion magic by shaopeng zhang & Samuel berk
_bloomiere by angela Ng & yan deng
_simplexity by arron laniosz & sisy li
_mary poppins by norville & tingting peng
_barkitecture by matthew daiter & kat stowell & Juliette zidek
_fish tank installatio by colter wehmeier & drew smith

video by yang yu